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Dr Ayman Abou Ismail Clinic

Dr. Ayman’s clinic is a spacious clinic with a huge waiting area that offers comfortable seating arrangements for patients and their parents. In addition to the entertainment for children present in the form of a play room that offers not only toys but improves the children’s team work ability by working with each other to acquire a certain goal. It also sparks the children’s imagination and this is achieved with the coloring books and the boards available in the playroom. The floor of the playroom is padded to provide protection for the children and ease of mind for the parents. A safe play room means that parents do not have to worry and take this wait time to relax. The play room is also very beautifully decorated to match the rest of the clinic in a cartoonish manner to make the children feel comfortable about their presence at the doctor’s office. When the children have fun at the doctor’s clinic they will associate the place with fun rather than sickness and pain. This improves both the children’s and the parent’s experience when visiting the pediatrician.

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Cham clinics ( Dental- Derma – Laser )

Cham Dental & Derma Clinics AHRAIN

  Contact Details: (+973) 17700430-39976079 Location: Click   

AlHakeem Radiology Center

  Contact Details: (+973) 17275959 Hospital Location: Click Here

Meral Medical Center

Meral Medical Center is based in Muharraq Busaiteen, we pride our selves in providing the best medical care available on par with the highest global standards

We at MMC thrive to grow into the prime center in the kingdom specialised in Obstetrics and Gynaecology medical services. we pride our selves in meeting our patients needs in a personalised, caring, quality oriented and cost efficient manner

MMC Doctors are expert in obstetrics and gynecological surgeries, prenatal, and postnatal medical follow-ups and management. Our Doctors’ professional skills in obstetric ultrasound (2D, 3D, and 4D) and gynecological rejuvenation laser equipment make our patients always happy with the treatment they receive at MMC

  Contact Details: (+973) 17404041 Location: Click Here  

Al Jenan Medical Center

  Contact Details: (+973) 17744770 Location: Click Here

Ram Medical Center

At Ram Clinics we are specialized in healthcare, and we offer high-quality services with the latest advanced technologies in all specialists (Dental – Derma – Medical). At Ram Clinics you will have a unique experience during your treatment period because we are the leaders in healthcare with a comfortable environment and supporting integrated care, we aim to build bridges of trust with our customers through education and health education, credibility. Finally, we would like to say to our customers to be sure that the skills and capabilities will not stop our ultimately strive to achieve the highest satisfaction and confidence in the service provided to our valued customers.

  Contact Details: (+973) 17422022 Location: Click Here  

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