Distinguished services at a lower cost

About Us

We give a lifetime gift to people with special needs and serious illnesses

We Aim To

With our MDC card, we established our goals

  • Draw conclusions for those interested through our participation with service providers and beneficiaries to know the diseases that have begun to take on a dangerous character through the affected segments and improve the level of service among their providers and raise the level of awareness among the beneficiaries
  • Consolidation of human values ​​that have ceased to exist or nearly ceased to exist in light of the tyranny of the material on all walks of life, and from most groups of society they forget or forget that we are the nation of the one body in which if a member complains about it, the rest of the body will call for it by staying up late and fever
  • Spreading health awareness in cooperation between the public and private sectors between the service provider and the beneficiary to help build a healthy, cooperative and generous society
  • Establish the concept of sustainable quality at the lowest costs

Our Services

Serving People

Serving people with special needs and serious diseases by giving them a health care card as a lifetime gift and standing next to them and communicating with those who care about them and their families through awareness and guidance


Serving all members of charitable societies and those in charge of their services by granting them an annual health care card with membership subscription at a nominal price reduced by 50% of the full health service fee


Serving all segments of society, including citizens, residents and visitors, by granting them a health care card annually at a small fee for participation, taking into account the economic conditions of the beneficiaries and providing many of them.

Health Events

Holding medical and health awareness activities in schools, universities, exhibitions, forums and gatherings to enlighten and educate society in order for our knowledge and our conviction that an dirham of prevention is better than a pound of cure