What is MDC Card?

It is a service card that provides its holders with a direct discount of up to 80% on health, medical therapeutic, surgical cosmetics and recreationally services without exception. At over 100 accredited entities In Bahrain and Turkey with an annual issuance fee of 19,9 BD only. The first and only card in Bahrain that offers a life long gift for people with special needs, serious illness , and people of determination

MDC Card Benefits

Skin Care

Skin care, laser hair removal, skin purification, skin cleansing, Botox, fillers at a 30% to 80% discount


All medical and cosmetic dental specialties such as extraction, filling, dental implants, braces and other services with a discount from 30% to 80%


Specialized centers for eyes, vision correction, cataracts, lenses, medical glasses and sunglasses at a discount from 30% to 80%


All statements on all specialties, analyzes and x-rays at a discount rate from 30% to 80%


Follow-up pregnancy at a discount from 40% to 80% and natural and cesarean delivery at a discount from 30% to 60%


Physiotherapy, treatment of thinness or obesity, men’s and women’s sports clubs with a discount from 25% to 70%


Surgical operations and admission with a discount of 30%


Pharmacies and medicine at a discount rate of 5% to 10%