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Active Physiotherapy Center

ACTIVE Physiotherapy Center

Physical Therapist
مركز أكتف للعلاج الطبيعي “ “

  Contact Details: +973 17500020

Wahtsapp: +973 39335056

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Aerobics Fitness Center

Aerobics Fitness Center

  Contact Details: (+973) 13672272 / 33028008 Location: Click Here  

Al Amal Hospital

Al Amal Hospital is located adjacent to Central Market of Hamad Town in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This medical infrastructure is provide secondary health care to the residents residing in the Hamad Town, Buri, Zallaq, Isa Town, Riffa, A’Ali and Sitra area which mean it covers 90,000 persons of the Kingdom of Bahrain. This hospital is being commissioned to provide quality health care at an affordable cost. We intent to introduce the concept of “WE CARE AND WE CURE” where “CARE” reflects the human element while the “CURE” is the treatment component. The hospital is a comprehensive medical centre at The Kingdom of Bahrain with a gamut of facilities incorporating state of the art technology, equipments and expertise. This modern hospital is designed to facilitate patients comfort, ease of check in and check out at an affordable cost.   Our Location: Click Here Contact Details: Telephone: +973 17602602 WhatsApp: +973 35328113 Website: Al Amal Hospital

Al Borg Medical Laboratories

Al Borg Medical Laboratories was established in 1998 as a 100% Saudi Limited Liability Company in Jeddah; the heart of the Western Province to provide a wide range of clinical and diagnostic tests for its clients.   Our Location: Click Here Contact Details: Telephone: +973 17100088 WhatsApp: +973 17100088 Website: Al Borg Medical Laboratories

Al Hilal Hospital and Medical Centers

Al Hilal Hospital Company BSC © was established on 16th November 2005 with an objective of providing quality healthcare at an affordable price. It is managed by Badr Al Samaa Medical Services SPC, a part of the Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals and Polyclinic, a well-established group of hospitals in the Sultanate of Oman. The Hospital is a Secondary Level Healthcare Provider with a range of specialties and Out Patient and In Patient Facilities. It is located in Muharraq, just 500 meters from the first and main causeway connecting the heart of Manama and its suburbs. The location of the hospital and the range of healthcare services were determined keeping in mind the community needs and the fact that there was no general hospital in the area.   Contact Details: (+973) 17344700 Hospital Location: Click Here

Al Hokail Medical Group

Providing dental, beauty, medical care and pain treatment services at the highest international standards, with medical and administrative staff are committed to professionalism and integrity, to know from our customers that we are the best, and to consider our employees to be our partners.   Contact Details: (+973) 17224466 Hospital Location: Click Here

Al Jenan Medical Center

  Contact Details: (+973) 17744770 Location: Click Here

Al Jishi Specialist Dental Center

 Dental Center
  Contact Details: (+973) 17292777 Location: Click Here

Al Kindi Specialised Hospital

Over the years, Al Kindi Specialised Hospital has focused it’s efforts on developing people orientated services that enrich the quality of life and strengthen our community. With the opening of Al Kindi Specialised Hospital , the dream of making high-quality, complex medical care readily available to the local community became a reality. Since then, Al Kindi Specialised Hospital has endeavored to live up to its promise by continually improving its technology, expertise, exceptional quality & patient safety

  Contact Details: (+973) 17240444 Location: Click   

Al Rabeeh Dental Center

Your smile is one of the first things people notice.  Al Rabeeh Dental Center, in Kingdom of Bahrain emphasizes quality dental care for all ages!  Whether you seek routine family care or complete makeovers our center is designed to restore, maintain or transform your smile.  When you visit our center, your smile is our top priority.  Our Dentists and dental team are committed to providing you with the personalized care you deserve.  As your dental center, we believe that preventative care and education are the key to your dental health. Our commitment to serving our patients include providing you with the personalized information that helps you to make more informed decisions about your dental health needs.   Contact Details: (+973) 17347000 Hospital Location: Click Here

AlHakeem Radiology Center

  Contact Details: (+973) 17275959 Hospital Location: Click Here

Alpha Physiotherapy Center

Alpha Physiotherapy Center is the best physiotherapy clinic in Bahrain. It is located in Tubli and provides different kind of treatment including (therapeutic exercises, functional exercises, balance exercises and utilizing physiotherapy most up-to-date equipments), manual therapy (manipulation, mobilization and soft tissue release), Traditional Chinese Medicine and Dry Needling Technique. They have experienced physiotherapists provide assessment, evaluation and physical examinations which lead to an accurate diagnosis. They provide therapy for musculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries. Among the many conditions treated are lower back pain, neck pain, plantar fasciitis, joints (O.A , sprain etc),muscles strain, and pre and post surgery rehabilitation. In addition, they provide rehabilitation for Neurological conditions as well such as (migraine headache, stroke, Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis…etc) and for the Vestibular System in case of Vertigo and Vestibular Dysfunction. Adding to that, they provide home visits for bedridden cases and those who are unable to attend the sessions in the clinic. This is all done under a team of expert and professional physiotherapists. The success of the center lies on the highly motivated and well qualified staff who work in the partnership with clients and in close collaboration with medical practitioners aiming towards successful rehabilitation adding quality to the patient’s life. The main goal is ultimately helping the patient to return to his/her normal daily activity and be independent.
  Contact Details: (+973) 17722121 Location: Click Here